Stock Investing for Dummies

If you are searching for stock investing for dummies guide, this article will give you a comprehensive overview of the stock market basics.

A stock market, otherwise known as the share market is a public market, where trading of company derivatives and stocks at set prices is taking place. The securities may be listed on the stock exchange but there are those which are traded privately.

At the start of 2008, the size of the stock market all over the world was deemed at about $36.6 trillion. The derivatives market has been calculated at approximately $791 trillion nominal or face value, which is almost eleven times the size of the world economy entirely. However, the total value of the derivatives market since stated in terms of notional values can’t be weighed against a fixed income security of a stock, which commonly delineates an actual value.

Stock Exchange

The stock investing for dummies will let you recognize how the stocks are being traded. In actual fact, stocks are listed and traded on exchanges. These are entities of a mutual organization or a corporation specializing in the business of placing purchasers and sellers of the organizations to the stocks and securities listings together.

The participants in the stock market range from individual stock investors to huge hedge fund traders, residing in different parts of the world. Their orders are normally executed by a professional at a stock exchange.

Some exchanges are brick-and-mortar locations where transactions are completed on a trading floor, but a process acknowledged as the open outcry. This sort of auction is utilized in stock exchanges as well as commodity exchanges where traders may pursue “verbal” bids and offers at the same time. Another form of stock exchange is a virtual type, established by a network of computers where trades are processed electronically through traders.

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The actual trades are founded by an auction market model where a buyer bids a particular value for a stock or share and a seller requests a particular price for the stock. Keep in mind that purchasing or selling at stock market calls for acceptance of any bid price or ask price for the share, respectively. When the ask price and the bid price match, the sale occurs, normally on a first come first serve basis if there are a number or askers or bidders at a given price.

The chief purpose of a stock exchange is to allow the exchange of securities to happen among buyers and sellers, therefore establishing a marketplace. These exchanges grant real-time trading information about the listed securities, allowing price discovery.


Before, buyers and sellers worldwide were individual investors, like wealthy entrepreneurs, with long family roots to particular enterprises. After a while, the markets became more of “institutionalized”, making a pool of buyers and sellers from large institutions such as mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, index funds, hedge funds, exchange-traded funds, and other financial institutions.

At present, even small investor with little capital can trade in the stock market due to trading fees that were markedly reduced.

To start trading confidently, the stock investing for dummies guide will assist you in making the right investing decisions.